Non-Linear Solver Trial

Minimum Android Version : Android 2.1 or higher

The ★ONE★ and the ★ONLY★ application in android play store which will allow you to solve

---any LINEAR or NON-LINEAR system of equations.---

Using this app is a piece of cake. All you have to do, is write down the equations, put an initial value (like the zero value) and press solve. In a fraction of seconds the solutions will be revealed at the bottom of the screen and next to them the corresponding errors.

Maximum number of equations is 10. For every variable, the user must provide initial values.

Usually the zero (0) value, works perftect.

For example, the application can solve the following system:

Extented help section also included in the application.

• Application areas: Some of applications areas are:
Modelling data
Physics and sciences

• Who should buy this app?
-Engineering students
-Science students

• Why buy this app?
- Solves non-linear systems of equations quickly
- Reduces time in research

• Have Suggestions or Issues?
Email at and you'll get a prompt response.

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