Robot Warfare: Battle Mechs

Minimum Android Version : Android 4.1.2 or higher

Step1. Install the game but do not open it.
Step2. Download the .obb file. (201 MB)
If what you get is a .txt file, rename it to .obb
Step3. Creat a folder named ru.azurinteractive.robotwarfare/obb/
Step4. Put the .obb file into the folder.
Step5. Run the game.

‼️ATTENTION ‼️ Please don’t give low ratings, the game is still under development!

Robot Warfare - robots vs. robots, players vs. players in competitive online multiplayer mode 4x4!
Robot wars in the real time. Right now! Just CLICK and PLAY, auto-search will find for you a team and enemies.
Fight against other players in the arena in PvP action battle. Pump up weapons and armors, increase the level of your robot and improve skills and rating.

Our game modes:
✪ Team battle 4x4;
✪ Deadly battle (DM, deathmatch, free for all, FFA);
✪ Capturing points;
✪ Battle with robo bots.

Our advantages:
✪ HD graphics;
✪ Multiplayer PvP mode;
✪ Competitive mode;
✪ 16 original mech(robo);
✪ Maps of the real cities and places of the world;
✪ Auto-shooting;
✪ Matchmaking.

Survive in the conditions of war, come up with tactics of the battle, help your teammates.
Real steel under your control!
Robots, super mechs, mech vikings, iron forces, destroy all of them in online and offline modes.
Our game is completely FREE to download! Install it right NOW and start a network battle with the real people.
Enjoy it!

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